* 1955, Turnov, Czech Republic

“ Life is here and now and not something we should postpone to a future date.”
“ The more you actively look, the more the action will become intuitive and natural, subconscious and effortless. With practice, your eye will be intuitively and subconsciously drawn to the light, and the light will be drawn to your eye. ” (Wayne Rowe)
“ You walk along and you're open. Hopefully, you're open... When I walk out with the camera, I'm ready for anything; that's the Zen swordsman's motto: expect nothing, be prepared for anything. If your feelings have gotten to you, at that moment, then maybe what you're seeing will get into the photograph.” (Joel Meyerowitz)

Inspirational book - Wayne Rowe: ZEN AND THE MAGIC OF PHOTOGRAPHY
Learning to See and to Be through Photography
rockynook, 2010